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Weekend Accountability


By: Bridget Carlson, Senior Fitness Specialist

Do you find yourself eating well and getting your workouts in during the workweek, then blowing it on the weekends? You are not alone. For many of us, the consistency of our workweek schedule makes it easier to get into a groove, find time for workouts, consume balanced meals on scheduled breaks and maybe even get to bed at a decent time. Not only does our schedule change over the weekend, but so does our mentality and motivation.  

My Trip Back to Fit

By: Anna Langston, Program Manager 

Welcome to a whole new you. A rounder, softer, less fit version of you. That’s how I felt after the birth of my second child in December 2015. A few small complications led to exercise restrictions for several months during my pregnancy. My active lifestyle as well as my body had gone through major adjustments over the past 39 weeks. This was quite a change from my first pregnancy; I gained less weight overall and lost it easily, and I exercised until I delivered. 

How Boxing Knocked Out My Stress


By Jenn Schuette, Senior Fitness Specialist 

In 2010, I was stressed, physically unhealthy and didn’t feel I had the resources to invest in myself. A friend brought me to a contact kickboxing class and I learned how boxing could combat all three of those stressors. 

Appreciate Your Ability

By: Emily Boettcher, Fitness Specialist 

Words that hold you back: can’t, should, won’t, never, unable, quit, no.

Words that take you somewhere: can, could, try, someday, able, yes.

Workouts are just as much a mental game as they are physical ability. It is easy to forget about accomplishments along the way and instead solely focus on what you have yet to achieve. Does your self-talk include “can’t”, “no” or “quit”? Constant comparisons or judgments limit your ability to take pride in accomplishments. Practicing self-gratitude allows you to better envision your end-result.

My Break-up with Facebook

By: Jacqui Bosquez, Fitness Center Program Manager 

You know you’ve thought about doing it. Limiting your time. Deleting the app from your phone. Or even, gulp, deactivating your Facebook account. I realized that although I don’t spend more than 20 minutes in the evening thumbing through my Facebook newsfeed, it usually leaves me rolling my eyes or feeling irritated. The initial idea came to me one day while I was mindfully washing dishes and reflecting on my day. I realized I could do something to eliminate a source of stress from my life. The choice was easy and obvious. I wiped the soap from my hands and removed myself from the Facebook grid with a few clicks. It’s been about six months now, and I’ve realized a few things.

Living with Skin Cancer-My Melanoma Story

By: Kae Mayer, Health Coach 

When I was growing up summers were spent playing outdoors from sunrise to sunset.  We, I mean my parents and I, really weren’t aware of the effects the sun was having on our skin.  We didn’t buy sunscreen and if we got burned we would use zinc oxide on our nose or put some aloe Vera on to soothe the sting.  I can remember getting sunburned during an afternoon at the swimming pool that would cause blisters on my shoulders.  That didn’t slow me down, I would just put a shirt on at the pool the next day to keep the sun out, or so I thought.

Love at First Bite

By: Stephanie Bates, Sr. Fitness Specialist – Jacksonville Medtronic
 My love for chocolate runs deep… but my love for DARK chocolate runs even deeper. Just the thought or taste of ANY chocolate product will put a smile on my face. You may have heard that chocolate can be good for you. It’s true, but not all chocolates are created equal…even the “good for your heart” dark chocolates may not be the best choice. Learn how to identify the ‘good’ from the ‘not so good’.

How A Foam Roller Helped Me Recover

By: Laura Hestbeck, Fitness Specialist

Have you ever noticed that foam cylinder tucked in the corner of your fitness center? Some of these cylinders are soft and pliable, others are more rigid and bumpy. That cylindrical piece of equipment, called a foam roller, actually offers more health benefits than you can imagine:
  • Increases blood flow

  • Increases flexibility

  • Massages tired muscles

  • Decreases muscle recovery time


By: Bridget Carlson, Senior Fitness Specialist 

Have you ever thought about how long you have been performing the same workout for? Maybe you like to switch it up and try different types of exercise throughout the week, but are you sticking to the same reps, sets, and weight used? How about your cardio sessions? Are you running, biking or rowing the same distances at the same pace every time?

Being a Working and Nursing Mother

By: Lindsay Herzog, Fitness Center Program Manager

I give credit to all those working mothers who continue to breastfeed their little ones. Talk about time management. I am lucky enough to work in an environment that not only supports this in the workplace but offers lactation rooms and other resources for its employees. In the state of Minnesota it is required that employers not only provide reasonable unpaid break time for a mother to express milk for their infant but also a private room that is not a bathroom stall to do so. Your state may have a different law so I would recommend looking into this or contacting your Human Resource Department with any questions.