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Stick To It!

By: Mike Murphy, Fitness Specialist 

   When I started writing my own programs for myself in college, I would go through the torturous process of deciding what I wanted to do and how I wanted to accomplish it. Spending hours pouring over meaningless numbers and percentages trying to find the perfect combination of exercises with the right rest time was a maddening event.

The Good in Gratitude

By Chelsea Tjornhom, Senior Fitness Specialist    

   Competitive, self-critical and irritable are three words I would have used to describe myself two years ago. I am a cookie cutter type A personality and although these characteristics used to be my weaknesses, gratitude has transformed them into my top strengths.

Transitioning to Gluten Free

By: Christa Kannel, Account Manager   

Chakras and Chi

By: Emily Boettcher, Fitness Specialist

Have you ever stepped into a Yoga class with your mind still reeling through your to-do list? You settle in on your mat, but just can’t manage to focus your energy and “clear” your mind to set your intention. Or maybe you come into class feeling sluggish and just want to relax in child’s or corpse pose the whole time?

Keep It Simple

By: Amanda Patterson, Program Manager

How many times have you started a resolution and get extremely excited because “this is your year to finally commit,” Sound familiar? Often, people start with great intentions but there is a disconnection between the goal and the action items along the way.

Freezing Cold Fun!

 By Drew King

Finding The Love: Reflecting on 2016

By Karin Junge

For many 2016 was a tough year to deal with from politics, to social injustice, to the death of many of our beloved celebrities. For me, 2016 forced me to dig down DEEP. I struggled with parenting and teaching my children respect, dedication and empathy. I struggled with getting caught up in social media and the detachment from my values, one being my value of my health, both mental & physical. In 2016 I had to dig down deep and find love for myself and for others. I found that for me the best way to be a better mom and to take better care of myself was to seek out role models and others who could give me guidance. It was everything from a simple conversation, to a lecture, to a support group, to new-found habits that helped lift me up. Through this support, I found some things I really loved in 2016 that helped my stress and really improved my health. Here are my top 4:

Holiday Blues


By: Christa Kannel, Account Manager

Although this holiday season is known for good times with family and friends, it can be quite the opposite for some people. The holiday season can bring back memories of family and friends that have passed away. It is difficult to cope with these holiday feelings and juggle the end-of-year workload. Below is my experience with grieving at work and some tips that could help you cope. 

How do you do it? I just can't stay motivated.

By: Stephanie Laboe, Fitness Specialist 

We’ve all heard it and probably said it before, “I’m just not motivated today”. If you find yourself saying this more often than not, these tips should help you break free from the ebb and flow of motivation.

Three Steps to Discovering the Exercise Routine That's Right for You


By: Jerrod Tarman, Senior Fitness Specialist 

Finding exercises that keep you engaged and fit your schedule is key when it comes to sticking with your workout plan.

Chances are you know someone who is a “no pain, no-gain,” “blood, sweat, and tears,” and “leave it all at the gym” type of fitness enthusiast. Maybe you are that person. And maybe you’re not. Truth is, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is knowing what kind of workouts you do like. Having an exercise plan that incorporates your abilities, schedule and interests will not only make you more likely to work out, but will also make exercising more enjoyable.