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By: Molly James, Fitness Specialist/Program Coordinator 

Why does an extra 5 pounds on the scale determine your self-worth? How are we expected to love ourselves when there are so many numbers out there that are telling us that we shouldn’t? 

Your self-worth is a mix of so many different things. Mine, for example includes my social support, spirituality, mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, financial situation and occupation. Not all these are created equal, they change every day. If there’s a day I step on the scale and see I’ve gained 5 pounds, it doesn’t crush my self-worth. I do make it a point to acknowledge the number and continue with my goals, but I try not get discouraged. Seeing that number and although sometimes disappointing, I like to reflect on the other great things in my life. So, I’ve gained a few pounds, but my friends and family will still be there for me. I will still have the same amount of money in my bank account, and I’m still the confident and happy individual I was 20 seconds ago, before I stepped on the scale. 

Discovering your self-worth could be a challenging process. We’ve spent so much time focusing on weight and how our bodies look. Attempting to fit in to what we think is healthy and desirable. Breaking that train of thought is difficult, and it doesn’t happen all at once. It is a slow, but beautiful process. 

Remember that self-love is all about you. You must first love yourself and see your worth before you can love or appreciate anyone else. You are worth more than that number.